TAB:   The Trump Asking Bid

Precision system players have devised a number of specialized asking bids, and we use three of them:  These bids are sometimes referred to as the Alpha, Beta and Gamma bids.
  • TAB - The Trump Asking Bid
  • CAB - The Control Asking Bid
  • SAB - The Support Asking Bid
These three bids only occur after an opening bid of 1 followed by a positive response.  These bids are not used if responder shows 0-7 points by bidding 1

Below is a description of TAB... If responder shows 8+ points and a 5+card suit in response to our strong club, then a simple raise is the Trump Asking Bid.  The question is this: How lomg is your suit, and how many of the top three honors do you have?  There are six steps for the responses:

    Step 1      5+ card suit with 0 honors
    Step 2      5 card suit with 1 honor
    Step 3      5 card suit with 2 honors
    Step 4      6+ card suit with 1 honor
    Step 5      6+ card suit with 2 honors
    Step 6      5+ card suit with 3 honors
Here's an example hand with the auction:
  South      West      North      East   
1     P      1     P     
2     P      3     P     

The 2 call by the opening bidder is the TAB bid, which agrees that spades will be the trump suit.
North's 3 is the third step, which tells her partner that she has exactly a 5-card suit and two of the top three honors.

If the opener jumps to 3NT after the TAB response, that's Baby Blackwood, with MSK responses.

If the opener bids a new suit, that's a first-round control bid, and asks responder to cue bid either an ace or a void in a new suit.  With this particular hand, responder would simply repeat spades because she does not have a outside ace nor void.  (That is, unless opener's cue bid was diamonds.  Responder could then cue bid the K as second round control.)